Brexit Banquet


01   Fish in Chicks    
02   Lamb and 4 Clover
03   Chlorination Chicken
04   Deep Fried Lights

05   No Fish No Chips



Thursday January 21, 2021


Brexit Banquet is a set of recipes and transition scenarios for pre-enacting a disrupted food system.

The U.K.’s exit from the E.U. is already impacting local and global flows of ingredients—transforming how food is produced, consumed and traded. Brexit Banquet is a tool for tasting and evaluating a range of outcomes when every aspect of food culture will need to be reconsidered.

How can farmers, chefs, policy-makers and eaters acclimate to changing realities, flavours and new culinary landscapes?


Brexit Banquet is an initiative by the Center for Genomic Gastronomy.


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Deep Fried Lights

An offal tale.

Rural UK

Beef lungs (Lights) coated in flour, tumeric and deep fried as done in Malaysia or sauteed in a stew as done in the Philippines.
Offal, dark meats, odd cuts and organs are enjoyed in various dishes in continental Europe, but apart from the famous Scottish Haggis, they are rarely consumed in the UK. Brexit trade deals may make it harder for the British livestock industry to sell these typically exported cuts of meat to the EU (pg 116), leaving the UK with a surplus of organs. Will it be necessary to incentivize local sales, as well as new offal recipes?

This dish is an internationally inspired nose-to-tail meal kit. Using new farm box schemes and direct-to-consumer online food platforms, eaters can order the exact products they want for easy pick-up. Farmers can minimise waste, interface with customers encouraging the sale (pg12), cooking, and consumption of little known cuts. In this case: beef lungs. Inspired by the Malaysian street food ‘Paru Goreng’, these beef lungs (aka lights) are coated in flour and turmeric powder, deep fried, then served up with vinegar and hot sauce, giving a bit of excitement to these typically exported, excess organs.


1 kg beef lung
1 litre water
Oil for frying

5 garlic cloves
8 shallots
2 tbsp ground coriander
5 candlenuts
4 cm turmeric
3 cm galangal
3 tbsp sugar
Oil for frying
2 stalks lemongrass
3 bay leaves


1. Heat up water in pot to boil the lung for about 2-3 hours until tender.
2. Blend the garlic, shallots, coriander, candlenuts, turmeric, galangal and sugar together to create the 'rempah’. Leave aside.

3. Put a sufficient amount of oil in wok and fry the lemongrass, bay leaf, and the blended rempah.

4. Slice the lung thinly according to your desired size.

5. Deep fry the lung in a separate wok.

6. Add in and mix the fried lung into the rempah mixture and stir well.

7. Serve with rice or you can eat it as a snack with a side of chilli sauce and a dash of vinegar.